Vinhos Borges 'Gatao', Vinho Verde, Portugal

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Vinhos Borges 'Gatao', Vinho Verde, Portugal


Winemaker's Notes:

Made by the Borges cooperative since the early 1900's, Gatão was originally named after the tiny town where it was first produced.  As the popularity of the brand increased and production demands forced the winery to source grapes from a larger area, the Vinho Verde commission enocouraged Borges to assume instead the "Large Cat" as their mascot so as to avoid misrepresenting the origins of the wine. This large cat has graced their labels ever since (although originally the cat was more of a Puss in Boots type.)  Gatão is one of the most successful brands of Vinho Verde in the world today, distributed in 50 countries on 5 continents. The Gatão is one of the most emblematic wines of the Vinhos Verdes Region. Young and fruity. Smooth, delicate, and fresh; a fun medium-dry wine meant to be enjoyed on the in the dog days of summer. Clear, light yellow. Slightly petillant. Aroma: Young and fruity. Taste: Delicate and smooth, fresh and fruity. It is medium-dry wine to be drunk young.

Grape Varietal:

Azal, Pedernã, Trajadura, Avesso, Loureiro


Non Vintage

Bottle Size:

750 ml


Type: Wine

Vendor: Happy Wine USA

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